Pink Base GELacquer SNB 15 ml

Base coat from SNB gelacquer system, with a delicate pink color. The dense texture of the base allows correction of irregularities on the surface of natural nails and the volume of flat or upward growing nails. Pink Base GELacquer SNB is extremely suitable for French manicure. Compatible with all products from the SNB gelacquer system.
Key product benefits:
• high flexibility, close to the elasticity of natural nails;
• can be used to create additional volume;
• self-levelling formula with a thick, easy-to-control texture;
• suitable base color for a French manicure.

Apply Ultrabond on natural nails. Apply SNB Pink base and cure for 60 seconds under UV LED light. Apply a color gelacquer from the SNB gelacquer system and cure for 60 seconds under UV LED light. Finish with a top product from the SNB gelacquer system. Recommendation: If the natural nails are in a good condition, you can apply SNB Pink base without applying Ultrabond.