pH Balance Pedicure Lotion 110 ml


pH Balance Pedicure Lotion, FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY!
PSP121 - 110 ml plastic bottle with pump

Pedicure product designed for professionals at the beauty salons.

Production concept:
SNB pH Balance Pedicure Cream is designed as a final step in a professional pedicure treatment using alkaline products. Due to the low level of pH (~5,5) it restores skin’s natural humidity.

Recommended for use after application of Dead Skin Remover Gel.

Active ingredients and main advantages:
- Aloe Vera Extract - maintains skin’s elasticity and keeps the moisture in the skin;
- AHA – additionally moisturizes, firms and smoothes the skin;
- Shea Butter – softens and moisturizes the skin;
- Talc powder - takes the surplus humidity and prevents slipping.

pH Balance Pedicure Cream restores the normal foot skin condition after treatment with alkaline products.

For professional use! Shea Butter and emollients prevent water loss and have a softening and soothing effect on the skin. All the components together penetrate into the skin very fast, feed it up and help the regeneration process. Due to the low level of pH (~5,5) skin restores its natural humidity after the use of alkaline elements in the pedicure procedure. Talc powder takes the surplus humidity and ensures soft and silky sensation.

Apply with massage movements on clean and dry feet.

110 ml plastic bottle with pump – enough for application on both feet for over 150 clients.