Nail Revive Therapy 15 ml

Effect: Nail Revive Therapy is a product from a new generation, made to provide first-class strengthening care for weak, dehydrated and damaged nails. It is suitable after mechanical removal of artificial coatings and multiple usages of professional detergents and solvents. The oil contains high percentage of natural ingredients with a complex strengthening action. Contains almond, argan, jojoba, sea buckthorn and sunflower oils combined with vitamins A and E, which effectively recover the durability and flexibility of natural nails and bring back their natural shine. It improves the elasticity of the cuticles, softens and nourishes the skin around the nail plate. Can be used as a final step for any manicure procedure.
Application: For recovering weak and damaged nails at home: apply a drop of oil onto the nail and cuticle and massage gently. For best results apply daily for at least 1 month. For intensive care in beauty salons: apply a drop of oil onto the nail and cuticle, massage gently and put the hands in heated gloves to strengthen the action. The therapy can be combined with the application of serum or other recovering, hydrating or nourishing products. If an artificial coating is to be applied after the therapy, soak the hands for a short time in a manicure bath, clean the nails with a brush and dry them well. For maintaining and nourishing nails with an artificial coating it is advised to apply daily around the cuticles. As a final step by manicure procedures: apply a drop of oil onto the nail and cuticle and massage gently.